Digesting Hannibal – Season 1 (complete)

As a psychiatrist and a writer, I thought it might be fun to put together a commentary on this great show.  I know very little about their development process, including if they have any professional consultants.

So this blog series is for play.  Consider it a companion piece reflecting my professional thoughts with each of my professional hats (mostly my psychiatrist hat).  It’s intended to be read while watching the show.

It’s a dense show, so sometimes the analysis can be quite extensive.  Sometimes it’s just me waxing as well.

Warning: There will be spoilers, so it’s useful to watch while reading.  It’s available on amazon prime, iTunes.

And yes, it’s intended to be a gross title, fitting with some of the devices of the show.



Episode 1 – Apertif

Episode 2 – Amuse-Bouche

Episode 3 – Potage

Episode 4 – Ouef

Episode 5 – Coquilles

Episode 6 – Entrée

Episode 7 – Sorbet

Episode 8 – Fromage

Episode 9 – Trou Normand

Episode 10 – Buffet Froid

Episode 11 – Rôti

Episode 12 – Relevés

Episode 13 – Savoureux

Digesting Hannibal – Season 1 (complete)
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Paul Puri

Dr. Puri is a board certified psychiatrist, in private practice in Los Angeles. He practices multiple forms of psychotherapy, including hypnosis, in addition to managing medications. He attended medical school at University of Rochester, and specialty training at University of California, San Diego. He is currently on the Vol Clinical Faculty at UCLA. In his non-clinical time he writes TV pilots, and designs iPhone apps.