About Me

Dr. Puri is a board certified psychiatrist, in private practice in Los Angeles. He practices multiple forms of psychotherapy, including hypnosis, in addition to managing medications. He attended medical school at University of Rochester, and specialty training in psychiatry at UC San Diego. He is currently a clinical Assistant Professor at UCLA, and the President of the Psychiatric Clinical Faculty Association at UCLA.

In his non-clinical time he consults and writes for TV, and is a founder of WellDAO, a mental health metaverse.

My Approach

I believe that healing comes in many forms. I am first trained as a psychiatrist and physician. Overall I have found medications can be, but are not always a first line choice for the individual. I meet the person where they are, and do my best to offer what they need, whether that be medication, short or long-term psychotherapy, hypnosis, relaxation training, or a combination that fits the person. I follow evidence-based practice, but also recognize the limitations of current medical research in its generalizability to the individual.

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