Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes up a problem?

    This is a complex question. The current thinking involves some form of a genetic predisposition to an illness, and certain factors such as life experiences can trigger them or worsen them. Many problems can come on subtly and then become self-perpetuating, so a simplistic idea of trauma on top of bad genes might just be too reductionistic. In truth science makes its best efforts but hasn't come up with clear answers to any of these questions. We work with the best evidence we have, and offer the best tools we can.
  • What does your therapy focus on?

    I deal with a broad range of issues, from depression and existential dilemmas, to somatic and physical problems and learning to deal with them, to anxiety problems and even psychotic disorders. Some problems really need medication, but I'm not a psychiatrist who believes in the simplicity of a chemical imbalance being the sole explanation for most mental illness. A medication or even combination of medications may help, but rarely will it be the sole solution.
  • What are the concerns & issues you help with?

    I treat a broad range of issue. This includes emotional issues, behavioral problems, personality and relationship difficulties.
  • What kind of payments do you accept?

    I currently only accept cash payment or credit card, but can provide documentation to assist reimbursement from your insurance company (super bill).

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